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Books I LOVE

This you dont even want to know! I read way too much and I love all the books I have ever read! They have all moved me in some way or another!

Movies I like

Never Ending Story, The Pacifier, Triple X, Fast and the Furious, Fried Green Tomatoes, Final Destination, Anistasia, Disney movies, Pirates of the Caribean, Edward Sissor Hands, and a few more.


I am the Moderator of the Book forum on you should check it out its called Bots Book Lounge.

My name is Autumn

I live in Mooresville Indiana.

I am a mom of 2 beautiful little boys. .

I love to read, and paint and do anything crafty.

I'm writing a Vampire novel.

I love love love anything that has to do with Vampires.

I am over all an artist

Ive never swam in the ocean I have only seen it once when I was 4 and I don't remember it.

I'm a cancer

I love the moon

I hate cheese

I don't like chocolate very much unless its chocolate cake or chocolate icing or brownies. otherwise I don't like candy bars except Reese

I like chocolate chip cookies with nacho cheese. which yes I know it contradicts my last two statements...

I'm obsessed with vanilla coke.

I love ghosts

I'm addicted to GHP and the Leaky Lounge (a Harry Potter forum)

I'm a poet.

I have over 1000 pictures of Zeke on MySpace

I have lived in Mauldin South Carolina and London Kentucky as well as random towns here in Indiana.

I love spaghetti and lasagna

I love spooky stuff

My favorite color is Orange

My favorite cartoon character is Gir from Invader Zim.

I am in a relationship... have been for 6 months 

I was a wild child

I'm sort of a hermit

My birthday is July 10, I was born on a Wednesday evening at 8:45 pm by c-section

I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters all between the ages of 28 and 7

I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces

I was the middle child of 3 until my dad got remarried and had more kids.

I love my family.

I have known my best friend for 15 years. and we have only ever fought once.

Halloween is my very most favorite Holiday.

I have made some very good long term friends from this board.

I was banned from ever getting back on the SciFi GH skiffy board for yelling at karina kay....... but then again... who wasnt. :)

I use to work at Steak N Shake..... it was the best paying and worse job I ever had. but I stayed for a year just because of the money.

I have brown hair (when it isnt dyed) and brown eyes (all the time, they dont change (; )

I love Dungeons and Dragons.

I'm a big dork.

I love music. my favorite bands are Hanson and System of a Down... yes I know they are 100% different.

I try to model emphasis on the word try

I like to sing when I think no one can hear me.

I love watching cartoons.

I love to play the guitar.

I like the movie Grease and Dirty Dancing.

I was born almost 7 months after Rainbow Brite was first released :)

I can say my alphabet backwards faster than I can say it forwards, last time I timed myself it was 2.5 seconds.

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